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Greetings and welcome to my website!

I am Leah Cunningham, an emotional health and wellness educator, who passionately loves to help many navigate their way through the metamorphosis of life.

For the last 18+ years, from Long Island, N.Y to Jacksonville, Fl. I have gained a wealth of experience, formal education and expertise that has helped individuals gain healthy lifestyles.

I am a graduate from the schools of Nursing, Early Childhood Education, Christian Education and Seminary and I have achieved degrees from a Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate.

As a motivational speaker, author and life coach I have developed my own proprietary 5-step concept coaching program ‘Motivating Your Mind to Becoming a Healthier You.’ This is a science-based evidence program that helps individuals organize their overwhelming negative thoughts of the things of life to a positive-thought life by starting from within.

My latest book, “Life Has a Purpose-God’s Business Plan for our Lives”, will help you to discover your inner self and connect you to your greater self.  You will discover the depth of who you are beyond what you do. It reminds us we must see something to create something, and if it doesn’t exist, then we must imagine it! And so it is with our lives, we must see our lives as more, because our ‘life has a purpose’.

My prior book, “Bad Memories Sabotage Healthy Emotions”, helps individuals dealing with life crises. The book offers practical tools aiding many through painful memories attempting to sabotage them from healthy living.

My favorite loves are traveling and dining with my husband Rayland and spending time with my 3 adult bonus children and family.

Dr. Cunningham quotes, “I am taking my gifts and talents as an emotional health and wellness educator and I’m contributing my ‘life’s purpose’ to the earth”.

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Dr. Leah Riddick Cunningham

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