Dr. Leah Riddick Cunningham


Dr. Leah Cunningham passionately helps many navigate their way through the metamorphosis of life. Embracing her own metamorphosis of life’s experiences through relationships, the corporate world, nursing, ministry, and her military service in the USN and more, she now educates and motivates many individuals on how to live their healthiest life.


Some of her most featured subjects are:

FEAR and the Domino Effects It Generates (Part 1 and 2)

-Name Your Pain

-Workplace Etiquettes Lead to Success

-Check Your Pulse

-Grief Is Complicated

-I Like What I See I Like Me

-Embrace You With No Apologies


Embrace You With No Apologies”  guest on Dr. Clark’s TV Show- Unplugged.


 As we become older, we can mature and age gracefully. Yet, many of us fear aging and we try relentlessly to reverse many of the changes that we see beginning to happen to us. This fear is produced by not appreciating who we are now becoming. I will discuss that when we lead healthy lives we mature gracefully and we need to embrace the changes with no apologies.


Talking is what I do best, Listening is what I do even better!


Motivating Your Mind to Becoming a Healthier You…

              …because everything starts with a thought 


My release of NEW book Life Has a Purpose

A Successful Book Signing: 
“Bad Memories Sabotage Healthy Emotions”
Do you have a haunting memory that continues to sabotage your ability to move forward? Do you continue to respond to triggers of a crisis of your past?  This response can be very detrimental to you, because the event is not real, it’s only a memory and we must learn how to deal with the emotions of our past connected to memories of our pasts. My book can help you! 
Book Picture

Have you ever wondered about life? Have you ever asked yourself is there more to it than this? What about the concern that life was passing you by? I believe the more compelling question for many has been what am I supposed to be doing with my life?

Emotional health and wellness educator, Dr. Leah Cunningham, strategically unfolds the answers to these questions and more in her book, Life Has a Purpose. This book will help you discover your inner self and connect you to your greater self. 


‘Motivating Your Mind to Becoming a Healthier You’. Is my proprietary 5-concept framework coaching program. It’s designed to help individuals develop a positive thought-life starting from within.

This is a science-based evidence program that helps individuals organize their overwhelming negative thoughts of the things of life to a positive-thought lifestyle.

The training teaches that for those who are overly consumed with negative thinking, once we organize those thoughts, we can then dictate new actions, change learned behaviors, help create new lifestyles and ultimately develop a healthier you. 


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