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Have you ever wondered about life? Have you ever asked yourself is there more to it than this? What about the concern that life was passing you by? I believe the more compelling question for many has been what am I supposed to be doing with my life?
Tell me your story and I will listen. Dr. Leah Riddick Cunningham Author | Motivational Speaker | Life Coach Book with Leah Author | Motivational Speaker | Life Coach Dr. Leah Riddick Cunningham Motivate your mind to becoming a healthier you with Book with Leah


In business, those who tell the best stories win. In life, the most important stories are the ones we tell ourselves. Our values drive not only our culture and how we work with clients but also how we live our lives. We partner with our clients to achieve their goals and empower transformation. Read More…

Dr. Leah Cunningham

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Leah Cunningham has strategically navigated many individuals and businesses through uncertain challenges.

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Reading your book, gave me the courage to overcome my anxieties that I have been dealing with for so long. I am ready to become a whole person.

SR, Daytona Beach, FL

Just finished reading your book, my word is WOW! Excellent, easy read and concise. I will highly recommend it to any and all women.

ML, Daytona Beach, FL

I was seated on a plane and looked over at my new friend and it caused a trigger of my past relationship, right then and there, I decided to create a new memory! I love reading this book.

MG, Daytona Beach, FL

Beautiful book, I am proud of you!

Apostle David Rosier

Overseer & Senior Pastor, Panama City Fellowship Church of Praise, PC, FL

Thank you for giving me permission to not remember my bad memories!  I am enjoying the book!


Angie Bee Productions, Daytona Beach, FL

I am so proud of you, your book, is great! Some things I never knew, but now I do! You are really going to go places. Keep up the good work! God is blessing you!

CW (Mom), Westbury, NY

Just got finished reading your book, and it was FABULOUS! I now know how to get rid of bad memories. …anybody that is experiencing emotional damage due to any bad memory get a copy of her book and read all of it!

Pastor MA, Quincy, FL

You won’t have to worry about selling your book, your book will sell you!  God himself has already ENDORSED it!

Dr. Vernette Rosier

Overseer & Co-Pastor, Panama City Fellowship Church of Praise, PC, FL

You did a great job! I loved the book. Thank you for being so transparent, by putting some true substance in there, that people can identify with. You are on your way!

Dr. Belinda McElveen-Watkins

Senior Pastor, Fellowship Church of Praise of Volusia County, DB, FL

Your book was so good I didn’t want it to end! So, I left four pages to go back to, so it wouldn’t end.  I am buying several more copies to give away!

DC, Roswell, GA

The book was excellent!  I have passed it around to all the groups I am a part of.  I even gave it to my friend, a Clinical Psychologist, just for the thumbs up, because it was so on point!

MS, Ormond Beach, FL



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