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How many of you know people that are very self-confident? They are very sure about who they are, what they know, what they want out of life, where they are headed and what it will take for them to get there! We probably all know someone like that, right? May I suggest that WE ALL SHOULD BE LIKE THAT! And let’s not get this twisted we are not speaking of arrogance.

We should all have unmovable characteristics and a sense of appreciation for ourselves, that no matter what people say, think, do or challenge you on, you have enough ‘SELF-CONFIDENCE’ it won’t shake you or move you! I have found most people who are intimidated by people who are very confident, are unfortunately not that sure of themselves. But that should not be our problem!

Self-confidence will go before you, just by how you enter a room. It will announce your presence before you speak, it will highlight your looks with admiration, even on a bad hair-day!  Self-confidence will position you for the next level in life, it will make people want to get to know you before they are even sure of what you are all about. Self-confidence will multiply and increase it-self just by the company it keeps. Self-confidence is sought after, because it has value and substance. It can’t be imitated, either you have it or you don’t. But whatever level of self-confidence you do have you can always build upon it. In fact, it is suggested that we do!

You see, our self-confidence or confidence is defined by ‘being confident in ONE’s ability and power’—- and that is a good thing! No one should know better about what you do and your ability to do it, better than yourself, but what confidence is NOT—-is always being right. Did you notice that??? It has nothing to do with always being right, but it has everything to do with not be coming unglued, unruffled or someone being able to publicly dismantle you because you may have gotten something wrong! As the saying goes—-NEVER LET THEM SEE YOU SWEAT! It’s ok to get something wrong every now again, or be unsure, or not know something completely or know it at all even when you are supposed to. Confidence is about being able to stand your position even when you get it wrong. It’s about still being able to explain your point, theory, idea or opinion even if it’s disputed. Confidence is about being able to say, ‘you know… you are right, excuse me I mis-quoted that or I will recheck my facts on that’, etc. You get the picture??? It’s ok, to get it wrong, but your admission to it should be done with CONFIDENCE! Don’t ever allow someone attempt to humiliate you for an error, it is not that same as you humbling yourself. Neither allow someone to embarrass you for your actions, it is not the same as you accepting accountability for your actions. And other confident people will admire your confidence in your ability to stand your ground!!!

So, my sisters—go ahead, rock what you got! If you know what you know….be confident in yourself to let others know you know!!! And as it’s been stated, if others are intimidated by your confidence should that be your problem??? I think I heard a resounding NO!!!

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