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Have you heard people say “well there’s only 24 hours in the day!” That phrase used with the exclamation mark would imply that 24 hrs. in a day, is not enough time. Enough time to do what? I guess whatever we think we NEEDED to do in those 24 hrs. I must admit, I have been guilty of saying those exact same words and saying it just like that. So why do we say that? I believe for many of us, we wanted whomever we were speaking to, to realize we couldn’t get it all done, because I don’t have enough time. Can someone say AMEN, right there!

May I suggest to us, 24 hrs. in a day, REALLY IS ENOUGH TIME! I know, I just lost some of you right! LOL. Hang on… I’m going to bring us all out in a minute, just keep reading…

Well, without getting too “scientific” on us, let’s just recall that it takes 23 hrs. and 56 mins for the Earth to rotate on its axis, completing a full day. And with every new day, we get a day older! So, we are not trying to add time to the day, it would only ACCELERATE our days on earth and I don’t think any of us are really trying to do that!

So, what then are we trying to do? We are trying to prioritize our day so that things that have to be done in 24 hrs. —are PRIORITIZED BY US so that they DO GET DONE!  You see, we will always manage to do what WE determine or prioritize as THIS MUST BE DONE! Even if it is not our assignment, our preference, our choosing or even our liking. Good PRIORITY practices will dictate to us I NEED to get this done. Sometimes that means working past our normal cut-off time in the day, or sacrificing a favorite entertainment hour or sometimes not even getting as much rest as we may have wanted to get…why, because WE determined this must get done and we do it! And yes, that may mean, not everything of that day will get done. But Not because there wasn’t enough hours in the day, it didn’t get done, because it wasn’t determined by US as being a priority of getting done in these 24 hours! And my sisters, THAT IS OK! Everything can’t be a priority, otherwise there would be no reason to have a priority list. Just like everything can’t be an emergency, otherwise there would be no reason to have schedules. But you have to know how to determine which is a priority and what is not. Haven’t you ever noticed that the things we think if I don’t do today, it will be a travesty….and the next day, you find that it wasn’t a travesty at all!!! In fact, most times we find that it works out better, because we had a day to think it through.

Therefore, let’s not wish for more hours in a day, 24 hours is plenty. God knew just how many hours to put in one day for us. Let us just know when to say…. “You know what, I have determined that is not a PRIORITY for today!”

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