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Happy New Year 2021!

Now what?

Yes, 2021 is here and we made it. Great, now what? Do we make the same old sorry resolutions that we make every year… to eat healthier, to lose weight, to exercise more, to spend less time watching TV, to clean out the garage, to be kinder to our neighbors, to stop smoking, to stop drinking or at least cut back on both, to spend less, to save more and the list of what we will and will not do goes on and on and on! Then by Jan 31st, out of guilt, we are starting all over again or out of defeat we have quit altogether. Any real people out there?

Now with that being said, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t try to live better…but what would be your motive for doing it? After-all, you must have a driving force behind everything that we make conscious decisions to do…some motive of intent! I mean why change behavior now? And what makes 2021 Happy?


It can’t simply be because it’s a new year. I mean honestly, yes, we are grateful for a new year, but if we are clear, we get a NEW DAY every day, no matter the year. Even in 2020, irrespective of all of its unbearable misgivings, unfortunate circumstances, plagues of all kinds; from COVID-19 and astronomical loss of lives by sickness and disease, the criminal social injustices, the horrid displays of inequalities against our own diverse human race’s, to the thousands of losses of jobs & homes, irreconcilable family break-ups, merchant and personal financial bankruptcies and a grief stricken nation without many measurable coping skills or interventions to sustain us from event to event! “YIKES, Yes, 2020 was atrocious”

Yet, if we take a hard look at 2021 ALL of those things of 2020 are still amongst us! So, it can’t be simply because it’s 2021! So, again I pose the question…what will be the motivator for you to change behavior and expect that 2021 will be different? Happy?


It has to be PURPOSE! Because once you have true purpose, even in the severest of circumstances you wouldn’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t become strayed from your efforts until the fulfillment of that purpose. Let me say it this way, ‘Fulfilment is when purpose is no longer just a concept but now has become a tangible meaning of your life’s existence.’ And there is never just one purpose. We are multidimensional, but achieving at least one purpose at a time result in a perception of self-worth. PURPOSE!

‘Fulfilment is when purpose is no longer just a concept but now has become a tangible meaning of your life’s existence.’

Are you tracking with me?

PURPOSE: noun. (1)-the reason for which something exists or is done. (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

Have you evaluated your life’s purpose in this first week of 2021? Have you evaluated your life’s purpose in 2020? Have you evaluated your life’s purpose…ever? If you haven’t, it’s ok. If we were to take a poll right now, we would see it’s not necessarily the most popular response. Some time’s we don’t even know what evaluating your life means, never mind how one should go about evaluating it!  But I am suggesting to you that you should take time to do so and you should do it now.

Inventory Your Life

Once you stop to inventory your life and define its purpose, even if it’s in short term goals and act on them, you become a person who is perseverant! Perseverant defined; persisting steadfastly without giving up; continuing in spite of difficulties or setbacks.  A focused and perseverant mind helps one endure obstacles. Instead of stumbling blocks, they turn them into stepping stones!  You see the difference?  Be mindful that it’s hard to stop a person who is in pursuance of their purpose. But you will always meet someone who will try to get in your way…but don’t let it be you!

Make 2021 a year of intent. Let 2021 really mean something for you, motivate yourself with purpose.

Remember no matter the journey…. You Were Made for This!

Disclaimer: We apologize if our description of 2020’s national events, reflects any person(s) that may have suffered any hardship, or personal tragedies from any of those mentioned here.

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